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It is the successor of the Tanzanian The recommended size for a digester depends on the expected input type ( human feces, cow manure, wastewater) and the input volume. From energypedia. 2: Select suitable size of biodigester. Case Study Primer for Participant Discussion: Biodigesters and Biogas . Otherwise the gas production would not be sufficient to justify One of the best Biodigester tank manufacturer in India dealing with all shape and size of custom made biodigester tank. The energy demand of any given household,. Continuous vertical dry digesters have a smaller footprint due to the shorter effective retention time and 12 Nov 2013 You are here: Home » CleanWorld News » CLEANWORLD'S SACRAMENTO BIODIGESTER NAMED “INTERNATIONAL BIOENERGY PROJECT OF THE The success of the Phase I facility had the company announce the groundbreaking of a Phase II facility that would expand its size three-fold, to 100 29 Feb 2016 In the process to initiate the research on medium scale biodigester, SNV/E4A, therefore, envisages to pilot medium scale biodigesters – size ranging from 50 to 100 cum and seeks to hire an international consulting firm with proven track record to prepare designs, working drawings, quantity estimation and The introduction of the low-cost (< USD 50. This can reduce the environmental footprint of even a single cafeteria or restaurant by old food waste). Since the middle class of Sri Lanka is expanding and living a more modern lifestyle, Energy Forum decided to investigate the possibility of creating a small biodigester unit that would be suitable for a modern family home or an apartment. • 4 modules of 5 m3 capacity. Photo: SimGas Sub-Saharan Africa continues to suffer from a major energy deficit, with hundreds of millions of people lacking access to electricity and clean cooking fuels. • Designs: KVIC model, Deenbandhu model The size and concentration of cattle in small and large ones has major environmental issues due to manure . ~ 5,000. Loading rate for various plant sizes. 2013). All free, all sustainable. The biogas produced from both biodigesters burnt with clear blue flame and was used for domestic cooking. 2. Biodigester. The economies of this Once the site is selected the next step is to determine the size of the biodigester. St. in emissions come from agriculture related activities such. Each Biodigester 'Bonus' may be supplied with a new primary settlement tank or may be added after an existing septic or primary tank subject to suitability checks. June 2011 13 Jul 2014 To size the biodigesters, the average family size was found in each of the target countries (Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, 2013). OUTH Africa's electricity is produced mainly from coal because it is the most abundant source of energy. K2: Different designs of floating drum biodigester (MS Steel drum or wire-mesh- reinforced concrete or fiber- cement drum or glass-fiber reinforced plastic or high-density polyethylene or PVC drum) and their suitability in different context. The stirrer was easy to develop, install and operate and can be adapted to different sizes of plug-flow biodigesters. It is made air tight at the joints with pvc assembly as shown in Diagram or some suitable method. Slurry occupies about 600 gallons of this biodigester; the remaining space is for the gas that’s produced. A digester basically consists in an anaerobic fermentation tank for fresh organic materials, called. ○ No need for big sewage treatment plants. Second, the nature and size of biodigester systems for given applications has not been demonstrated in Samoa, including giving regarding to the family size biogas plants. INTRODUCTION. Biodigester;. 4 Apr 2016 It needs to dig a trench (as per. The size of the digester, If human and cow manure is being used in a biodigester of this size (1. ) and animal droppings (chicken), agricultural residues, depends on type. This ERPA defines the sales of certified carbon credits generated by the National Biodigester Programme of Burkina Faso (PNB-BF) to WB-CiDev from 2014 till 2025. Today, all over the world, biodigestor plant is the latest practices for reducing. ○ Zero maintenance. of cows ×10 kg waste per cow = 100 kg/day. 3, 381, 150, 231, 1 - 2, 1 - 2. 4. Daniel H. Q: What material can I use to feed a biodigester? In theory, any 21 Dec 2017 Grand Rapids has begun building a $38-million biodigester that will convert food waste into energy. Category. 2cm diameter, whatever gas pipe size) is punctured at about 1meter from the PVC-A. The mason's role is vital in successful installation of biodigesters. 0 inches), which permits good heat transfer for sterilization of the carcasses and biodigestion. Starting from approx. . ATEC* is the worlds leading household biodigester - providing renewable biogas and organic fertiliser. City officials and business leaders A new $38-million waste- to-energy biodigester and sludge-treatment system is being built at the site. I. ac. Size of mixing tank = 100 + 200 = 300 liter, we used 0. 1 x 50 m3 liquids receiving tanks. Major focus is being given for awareness building, promotion & marketing, capacity strengthening, quality assurance as well as popularisation and dissemination of Bio Digester System :- Fiber Reinforced Plastic(FRP) portable tank is a boitoilet or biodigester which is mostly used for the domestic purposes. Is a soak pit mandatory or discharge can be permitted in an open channel drain? ✓ Soak pit is not mandatory. and Europe are processing food waste in anaerobic biodigesters, keeping more garbage out of landfills, reducing methane emissions, and producing energy to defray their operating costs. The diagram below indicates the physical layout of a Domestic Bio-digester System;. Co-Major Professor: Sarina J. Rowse In each household, a family-size biodigester is installed together with a biogas- based cooking stove unit. methane) produced in a digester depends on the size of the digester and the 14 Dec 2012 CleanWorld's Sacramento Biodigester when expanded will convert more than 37,000 tons of food waste per year into natural gas, electricity and soil- amendment products. This work aims to analyse the viability of the use of pig biofertilizer produced by an Indian biodigester prototype, monitored by a data acquisition biodigesters is unlikely in New Zealand unless there are changes in policy to encourage greater renewable energy via implementation assistance. 8, 720, 150, 570, 6 - 8, 24 - 32. System size. 17 million digesters. The HORSE, 25 Series Bioenergy System (aka H-O-R-S-E) is designed to scale down the size and cost of anaerobic digestion (AD). 2015. A range of sewage treatment plants that has four sizes suitable for populations of 55, 70, 85 and 100. LINDFORS, HEIKKI: Household Biodigester in Rural Energy Production. • Feed is high strength liquid extract from. Co-Major Professor: James R. For me, it would only be a biogas plant if purposely build to capture the biogas. In an agro-food industry the digester can be used as a primary waste treatment unit where the biogas is used to offset some energy cost in the plant and to reduce the size of the secondary waste Biodigesters. Biodigester plastics may vary in size and thickness. 9 meters deep X 1. Polyethylene. 11 Dec 2016 Lowell Energy AD installed and operated the anaerobic biodigester that was used to convert food processing waste and manure into energy for the city. info. The biogas units are constructed of bricks, sand, cement, pipes, pipe fittings, metal clips, wire and gas burners, with all materials being produced locally. On the basis of the findings in this study, the recommendations were made in order to promote. Also, this system is useful for using in the high altitude and low temperature areas, What would be the size of the fire arrester with respect to pipe line? For a 12mm main gas pipe use a 19mm arrester and for a 25mm pipe use a 32mm arrester. Case. The TED - Biodigester Design grew out of about 20 years of experience with biogas - digesters in developing countries. Later, they hope to build a full-size biodigester, which would cost less than $200000, officials said. ) Daily dung required/day (kg). The Allen Farm's biodigester is designed to process up to 2,000 tons of manure from the farm's 135 dairy cows to create renewable biogas. how much biogas can be expected per kilogramme of a given feedstock. Animal manure ( cattle, pigs, etc. Mihelcic, Ph. 25. Digester Size. 2 Sep 2014 SUBSTRATE GROOMING: Food waste is dropped onto a pad at CleanWorld's Sacramento Biodigester and the Gradall pushes it into the conveyor belt to ready it for the Doda that About twice the size of JC-Biomethane is Harvest Power's 50,000-ton food waste community digester near Orlando, Florida. The plastics used in Belize was imported from Olefinas from Guatemala and measured 19. George and Linda Heinzle. of South Florida. Sizing of the Biogas Plant. Introduction. 5 meters wide X 3 meters long), you need to add 40 litres of water and 20 litres of manure every day. Eugene, Ontario. As a general rule the excreta produced by 10 fattening pigs will require a biodigester of 4 m³ liquid capacity. People who live in poor conditions and are familiar with the uses and the advantages of using methane gas wants to . Size: Superstructure: Length- 1100mm | Breadth-1100mm Height-2000mm. the biodigester parameters was comparable with the anaerobic digestion (AD) process. the bottom of the digester. ( 7% demand). A biodigester can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the people using it and the local possibilities in building materials. For this, the issues of size and overall design needed to be addressed Terryland Farms Biogas & Cogeneration. Build a Biogas Plant. BIODIGESTERS. Standard YouTube License. 4 m³ biodigester size; refer to table below. 6, 620, 150, 470, 4 - 6, 16 - 24. For instance you get information on the introduction of the low- cost, that is, less than USD $50. 140 dairy cows. Show more. Keywords: Dairy;. Responsibilities of a Mason. Results indicate that overall costs are lower if the CADs are of larger size and are smaller in number. In that sense a septic tank is a type of biodigester by definition. SME, or village should be the sum of all current and future consumption (i. Composite. Biodigester size) in desired place and placement of biodigester into it. 1 Corresponding author - e-mail: deepm@iitk. Time of construction. org/10. Building the Biodigester. 75 = 9. Every biodigester is sized based on feedstock availability, feedstock type, the particular culture to be used, desired application, and level of complexity. The project, initially projected to be Share. Subsidies were no longer needed for the Biodigesters have been used to convert biomass into biogas and biofertilizers. a,* Biogas digesters are used to produce methane gas and the size of the digesters are commonly bigger in size. Pre-sizing and mixing of the feed material for For determining the appropriate biodigester size, it is recommended to estimate the energy consumption per person per day. Material of Construction: Steel/FRP Superstructure | FRP Biodigester. The water requirement for mixing = organic waste × 2 = 200 liter/day. From there, the family size was multiplied by 0. A Verified CN Gold Supplier on Alibaba. from the strata. Biogas is a mix of methane, carbon dioxide and other trace gases which Due to the size of plant, the respective objectives and special requirements concerning operation and substrates, the anaerobic treatment of waste materials and wastewater at large-scale requires a different set of planning mechanisms, plant types and implementation factors (WERNER et al. For a small number of animals, it is advisable to use a 17 Jun 2014 Construction of a Family sized Biodigester At By: Engr. hours of cooking, lighting, cooling, power generation). 4 biodigester especially the slurry pit to avoid the ground water pollution. Herd size. Alternative models with pre-fabricated shelters containing toilets (4 Nos. As a general rule the waste produced by. Keywords: Biodigester, co-digestion, energy. Autos & Vehicles. This energy use has been important for the reduction of solid waste pollution in the environment. com. S. At least 80% of the households with a biodigester will use bioslurry on farm plots. Location. Bio Digester Tank: Length- 1100mm | Breadth-1100mm | Height-550mm. Ergas, Ph. Table 3. > 200,000. 5. Timbertanks are increasingly being used for the storage of biogas – a by-product of sewage and effluent treatment. Designed to capture and store the methane gas given off during the digestion of sewage, the gas held in the Timbertank is later returned to the digestor as heating fuel. Plant size and daily feed stock requirement. The capacity of the biodigesters is either two or three cubic metres. K. Yeh, Ph. Initially the project seemed to be a simple matter of creating a toilet and a system to capture the gas. While small in size, the biodigester will leave a negative carbon footprint, and has the potential to have a significant impact on how others zoos generate power for their zoo facilities in the future. Good functioning or performance of a biodigester is associated with the selection of the right size, choosing the right site for construction, selecting the construction materials and appliances to comply with the Retrofitted with our state-of-the-art Biodigester system. Titilope Fadipe University of Twente Twente Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Developmen… Building of a quality biodigester requires good knowledge and skills on the part of the constructor, the mason. Owners. D. Depending on the size, and feeding practice, a biodigester will produce an average between of 1. 75. ) on the top of main tank overcome the problems of freezing of inlet pipe during the winter. Plant Size. It is fitted with water pipe now used as gas pipe for gas-line to kitchen. Because they consolidate the footprint for aerobic digestion, they are becoming an excellent alternative to DAF and SAF system. Tampere University of Applied Sciences. 2-2 cubic meter of biogas per day and therewith reduce . Homebiogas is a biogas digester that treats organic waste in a local and sustainable way. 5 m3 size mixing tank. Ensure that the line is level. The discussions were conducted with the personnel involved in bio-digester construction. Mitigates pollution of 30 Aug 2014 Polyethelene Tube Digesters, also known as balloon biogas plants, are a type of biodigester quickly gaining popularity in applications throughout the Lower gas output (depending on size); Lower pressure consistency; Similarly easy to gauge amount of gas available for use; Less insulated; Easier to The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Gold Standard Programme was started in 2009 and aims to install 20,000 small-size biodigesters at rural households throughout Indonesia before the end of 2016. ijsepm. Comparison in Cambodia, Ethiopia and Lao People‟s Democratic Republic. Click on image to view it in full size. Comparative Analysis between the three biodigesters. 1989). Abstract: Biogas digesters are used to produce methane gas and the size of the digesters are commonly bigger in size. 1 ft in radius) and a thickness of 7 mm. Once the site is selected, the next step is to determine the size of the biodigester. To simplify, the biodigester size is It is a continuous flow, tubular, prefabricated, modular, flexible and high quality biodigester specifically designed for small- and medium-sized farms. (m. Size reduction (grinding) Biodigester Sewage Treatment Plants, We can undertake the application if you buy a BIODIGESTER. The answer is dependent on the size of the pond, Probably the biggest challenge in the biogas industry in South Africa is to find an affordable biogas solution for the average small to medium size farming operation The Minnesota Project 2005 ANAEROBIC DIGESTER SYSTEMS FOR MID-SIZED DAIRY FARMS i option because the size of this digester system is for 1000 cows. doi. However after discov- ering the health aspects involved in the handling of human waste and the complexities of biodigester design the project became more difficult than initially expected. Show less. • Achievement: 4. Ph - 91 265 2361581/2361978/2362509. Quantity of water required (litres). Fig. BENEFITS OF BIODIGESTER. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is Aerobic Biodigester technology has been limited in the past by the type of aeration used. com has stitched together this amazing file to create a very useful document. Summary of the Floating Drum Biodigester (FLDB). According to previous research, it was possible to use biodigestion concept for water treatment and at the same time having alternative energy production [5]. 2, 304, 150, 154, 1 - 2, 1 - 2. If a biogas plant stops generation of gas, how a farmer can detect the reason? There are a number of things that can affect the biogas production in a biodigester First, there is a lack of knowledge of the performance of feedstock resources in Samoa circumstances, i. , Ltd. Fixed-charge location problem. Financing was Our Biodigester: Our Biodigester in action. For the community 29 Jan 2016 In developing countries, biodigesters are becoming an incredibly effective solution to convert manure into biogas. More than 500,000 biodigesters constructed. 14 Jun 2011 size of the project. biodigester size Applied model 6 Mar 2012 This short video features work of Ohio State University Professor Jay Martin to research and develop a small-scale bio-digester scaled for small to medium- sized farms in Ohio. Copyright © 2011 Laurel E. Shelford Cornell University INTRODUCTION The benefits of anaerobic Dome Biodigester);. The village is hoping to 5 Apr 2017 The Detroit Zoo's Biodigester is a very small project, according to Cobb — just a little over 1,200 square feet. The biggest advantage is that all the faecal matter is converted into liquid, which is pathogen-free, unlike the pit system which By installing a digester the farmer can profit from the biogas by reducing odors and enhancing the fertilizing value of the manure. 8. Generally the digesters are 2 (59). Temperature, MCDA. Marking of dimensions for a biodigester. Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MSRIT, Bangalore, Karnataka, India3. According to Gale ( 2002), the maximum particle size diameter in a biodigester is 5 cm (2. (Photo: Business Wire) This reduces the systems' size and cost, and enables their use in a wide range of settings. License. Gas pipe is fitted to kitchen Stove for cooking. 1. , Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting medium and large size assembly biogas digester,PUXIN Container Anaerobic Treatment System and 3892 more Products. When working with pig manure you add, 20 litres of water for the same 20 litres of manure. Off-farm Substrates. Alternatively: •. Remark the cutting line so that the hole is 3” wider than this. Feedstock Handling. This system provides on-site generation of energy from food waste and similar organic materials. • Average dairy herd size in Michigan –. Sayajiganj, Vadodara, India 390005. Summary of the Fixed Dome Biodigester (FDB). Development Time. 6. People who live in poor conditions and are familiar with the uses and the steps of construction works related to the Farmer's Friend (2005) model of biodigester. The designer must know Construction began in 2012 and its completion marks a pioneer effort to bring technology previously available only to large facilities to the family-sized farm. These include pH, water/solids ratio, carbon/nitrogen ratio, mixing of the digesting material, the particle size of the material being digested, and retention time. To determine the length of plastic needed one of the rural digesters, taking into account energy needs, along with the dimensioning of the systems, capacity factors, and assuring functionality, which can be an excellent analysis instrument for system designers. 135 cows. Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering. Biogas VACVINA. FOG. ○ Compact in size. 3 days (polyethylene biogas digester) and several days for fixed dome digester. The diagram below illustrates how a Domestic Double chamber Bio-digester system works in order to digest waste, produce There are 3 different types of bio-digester septic tanks available in Kenya, based on size;. 7 feet in circumference, approximately 6. 00 for a family size unit) plastic biodigester, based on the use of tubular polythene film, put the technology within reach of a greater number of end users (more than 20,000 users in Vietnam are estimated to be using the technology). Average Usage/ day: 30 Uses / Day / Bio Toilet. Keywords— Anaerobic, Co-digestion, Digester, Mesophilic. Fax - 91 265 2226023 . It is the most widely used The biogas plant size is dependent on the average daily feed stock and expected Table. 58. The emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) is concomitant with agriculture, and for New Zealand presents a unique Small size of biodigester plant had become famous option for biodigester studies [4]. It produces biogas for cooking and rich fertilizer for your garden. The user friendly, highest output, smallest size family Biodigester. C3. Summary of the Tubular Polyethylene Biodigester (TPB). The standard diameters of polyethylene tubular film are 80, 125 and 200 cm. DEVELOPING SIMPLE PROCEDURES FOR SELECTING, SIZING, SCHEDULING OF MATERIALS installing biogas units and to size the biogas units with reference to a selected numbers ESTIMATING FARM SIZE REQUIRED TO ECONOMICALLY JUSTIFY ANAEROBIC DIGESTION ON SMALL DAIRY FARMS T. Text Size: A A 30 Jul 2009 The big tank is cut so that its opening is the size of the small tank. Modified hybrid biodigester. Next step is to 14 May 2012 May 14, 2012. Size reduction (grinding) is beneficial in continuous vertical systems, as it accelerates digestion, while batch systems avoid grinding and instead require structure (e. • Must be affordable and manageable. 35 m3. 7 Jun 2010 After rigorous testing and many revisions, the researchers are ready to build a larger version — twice the size of the prototype — at the village's wastewater treatment plant this summer. Air Pollution, Biodigester. The daily manure feeding = No. However, the project ran into a string of challenges, including a persistent odor issue that raised the ire of neighbors. The Situation. A large number of biodigesters have been installed in Leh, 18 Jan 2017 As far as the cost is concerned, the system costs approximately Rs. The following are some of the major responsibilities of a mason: ▫ Select proper size of bio-digester based upon the availability of feeding 24 Nov 2015 A startup from Israel has developed a home-sized biogas unit that can take organic waste and convert it into enough gas for 2-4 hours of cooking, as well as 5 to 8 liters of organic liquid fertilizer, every single day. Fuel type needed. We offer the most advanced, in residue/sediment removal mechanism. Fixed dome: KT1, KT2. A biodigester is an enclosed anaerobic system that allows 'good' bacteria to process organic material, of-breed Biodigesters that convert organic waste to clean renewable energy. g. TABLE 1. yard waste) to reduce compaction of the stacked pile. Hestia biodigesters are approximately 5 by 7 feet wide by 5 feet deep, providing about 700 gallons of capacity. The city voted this month to terminate 26 Jun 2014 An increasing number of sewage treatment plants in the U. Estimated heat transfer times into spherical particles ( Gale, 2002). URL: dx. Biodigester installation manual Having decided on the size of the biodigester the upper extremities of the trench should be defined by a string attached to four Anaerobic digestion is a collection of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. Design. 00 family size plastic biodigester, based on the use of tubular polythene film, which has put the technology within reach of a greater 22 Apr 2014 It is the third commercial biodigester CleanWorld has opened using Zhang's technology within the past two years and is the nation's largest anaerobic Construction is underway to expand its size to digest 100 tons per day and produce 700,000 gallons per year of renewable compressed natural gas, 13 Feb 2014 Digester overall size = 6. The FRP biodigester is able to convert human wastage into usable water and gas( methane). Process Volume. 2 ft in diameter (3. Site visit was conducted to ascertain the works done. How often do we have to remove the sludge in Biodigester? ✓ Sludge removal is not needed. A biodigester or digester is an airtight chamber in which anaerobic digestion of manure, biosolids, food The amount of products (e. Jyothilakshmi R. 4, 550, 150, 400, 2 - 4, 8 - 16. Sizing the Digester . There is a great need A small hole(1 cm or 1. biodigester size. ○ Quick installation. Keywords: Biogas, Manure Treatment, Methane Cooking Fuel, Particulate Matter Indoor. 5278. 3. Jump to: navigation, search Back to Biogas Portal. Check out the new biodigester interpretation station at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. Bachelor‟s thesis 59 pages. Biodigester size (m3), Total cost (US$), Subsidy from NBP (US$), Farmer cost ( US$), Use of biogas stove duration (Hour), Use of biogas lamp duration (Hour). Household-sized Biodigesters. Biogas digesters are used to produce methane gas and the size of the digesters are commonly bigger in size. Under the framework of the project, E4A is supporting the construction and effective operation of domestic biodigesters of sizes ranging from 4 cum to 21 cum. The accurately-named HomeBiogas device could herald a new dawn for full-circle local waste 22 Sep 2014 Long back I have posted an instructable on how to construct prototype of a Biogas plant, using 50 liter capacity tank as digester, which you can see here : 3 Size of the Biodigester. A biodigester in a container that receives the daily farm waste and in which the manure is mixed with water and fermented, producing methane-rich biogas and an organic Century- Biodigester. 14 Mar 2012 works. Mark the small tank circumference on a take a longer time (Table 1), which of course is not desired. 406, World Trade Center. e. Shenzhen Puxin Technology Co. In that case, it would probably also be at least institutional size if used for digesting human waste only. 4 m3 biogas/day-person to find the daily biogas requirement for the family size scale (K. Here's how it works. On average 80 percent of the total volume in the tube will be occupied by the liquid manure, so to process a liquid volume of 4 m3 will Domestic biodigester. ABSTRACT. An operational area of 3 m width around the digester should be considered, where the workers will use this area to achieve the construction works around the tank base in order to prepare the structure of the concrete base, i. 10, 800, 150 A [no-ecompendium]small-scale [/no-ecompendium]biogas reactor or anaerobic digester is an anaerobic treatment technology that produces (a) a digested slurry (digestate) that can be used as a fertilizer and (b) biogas that can be used for energy. • Farmers with small dairies want the advantages of an anaerobic digester. 1 x 1000 m3 mesophilic digester. Quality and 12 Aug 2014 personnel whereas, 2 m size biodigester is suitable for use of 50-60 personnel. 6 + 2. Manufactured entirely from robust and corrosion free materials, the Falcon™ biodigesters incorporate unique and patented features to make sure simplicity Available in a range of sizes to suit almost any application from a single residential property, hotels and restaurants or a major industrial / commercial complex, the Biodigesters recover methane from animal manure through a process called anaerobic digestion. 2 years. Cut off the top of the small tank and place it, centered, on top of the big tank to mark its perimeter . It has an electric capacity of K1: Criteria to select suitable type of biodigester. 10 fattening pigs will require a biodigester of 4 m3 liquid capacity. 50. People who live in poor conditions and are familiar with the uses and the advantages of using methane gas wants to have a biogas digester at home for replacing the cooking gas as the ever increasing price of Anaerobic Biodigester for Domestic Biodegradable Solid Waste with Energy Recovery and Sizing Calculations. > 12,000. Read more · The Biodigester 'Standard' range is a bespoke Table 3. Date of Approval: November 2, 2011. New developments in bubble size have expanded the use of biodigesters for high strength waste. 35,000 for a household, although, the biodigester tank size would be commensurate with the number of users. In other words, there's no really good answer - unless the answer you want is “the minimum necessary size to generate enough energy for your needs Q: What is a biodigester? A biodigester is a tank that processes the organic material that produces biogas. Information obtained included the types and sizes of the bio- digesters and their cost. Methane;. Participation in the programme is entirely 18. Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, plug-flow biodigester, stirrer, biogas, air bag