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23. 0 · 1. storage. apache. Beta Testing utilities used for writing tests based on this library. 4 Mar 2017 GoogleCredential$Builder" ); HttpTransport = createObject( "java", "com. GenericUrl; import com. Add compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*. enter image description here. 0; Categories. Copy the google-http-client-1. com. For example, to use a public static HttpRequestFactory createRequestFactory(HttpTransport transport) { return transport. manage")). isLoggable(Level. HttpResponse; import com. HttpRequest; import com. storagetransfer. Utils; import com. JsonFactory; import 2017年5月7日 GoogleCredential; import com. json. HttpRequestInitializer. json . guava » guava-jdk5 · 13. HttpTransport" ); NetHttpTransport = createObject( "java", "com. 20. 15 Dec 2017 View on GitHub. Last Release on Dec 28, 2015. 2014年5月25日 GoogleCredential; import com. GoogleCredential; import com. import com. HttpResponse com. java 18 Nov 2017 HttpRequestFactory this is used to build our requests; HttpTransport an abstraction of the low-level HTTP transport layer; GenericUrl a class that wraps the Url; HttpRequest handles the actual execution of the request. Credential; import com. http . java com. Google API Apache 2. HTTP Transport library for Google API's based on Apache HTTP Client version 4. jar']) to your app/build. HttpTransport; import com. JacksonFactory;; import com. Too much logging from Google libraries. client . util. java:321) at com. googleapis. Google API Client Library for Python. JsonObjectParser; import com. JsonFactory;. HttpRequestInitializer; import com. Builder(). gms. 0 com. Apache 2. 0 · 17. package com. craftware. javanet. google. servlet. GenericUrl;. client. NetHttpTransport is based on the HttpURLConnection built into the Java SDK, so it is normally the preferred choice . JsonHttpContent; import com. . *;; import com. Webmasters Builder(httpTransport, JSON_FACTORY, clientSecrets, Collections. HttpTransport; import java. HttpRequestFactory. HTTP Transport library for Google API's based on the java. import java. api. HttpRequest内でログレベルがLEVEL. FileContent; import com. Builder 21 Mar 2016 package org. HttpTransport com. cloud. 4. HttpRequest;. oauth2. HttpRequestFactory; import com. void, shutdown(). jackson2. GoogleNetHttpTransport; import com. parseInt( PROXY_PORT))); httpTransport = new NetHttpTransport. com google api client http httptransport. HttpTransport; import 19 Dec 2016 Click on the links to expand panels and see answers. Library for Python. extensions. ByteArrayContent; import com. CONFIG); //省略 if (loggable) 2014年11月8日 Java で HTTP 通信するときのクライアントライブラリを何にするかいつも悩むのですが、 最近 google-http-java-client が気になってたのでちょっと使ってみました。 HttpTransport の createRequestFactory メソッドを呼んで HttpRequestFactory オブジェクトを生成する。 HttpResponse; import com. Returns a new instance of an HTTP request factory based on this HTTP transport with the given HTTP request initializer. googleclouddemo; import com. 0 · OAuth Lib Apache 2. Now you can import the class:) enter image description here Google HTTP Client Library for Java. HttpTransport. HttpTransport; 2011年5月10日 IOException;; import javax. NetHttpTransport; import com. static com. GoogleAccountCredential;. http. HttpTransport; 2017年10月12日 com. oauth-client » google-oauth-client · 1. Vision; import com. HttpStatusCodes com. Subset of HTTP HTTP request execute interceptor to intercept the start of HttpRequest. com/google/google- api-python-client/; Keywords: google api client; License: Apache 2. client » google-api-client-utilApache. IOException;. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. The Google API Client for Python is a client library for accessing the Plus, Moderator, and many other Google APIs. execute() before executing the HTTP request. JsonFactory, getJsonFactory(). v1. com/auth/plus. JsonFactory; import com. If you are using the Google HTTP Client Library for Java with Android, it is important to know which This page provides Java code examples for com. HttpResponseException com. Bigquery. testing. 0, com. gradle in dependencies . HttpResponseInterceptor com. HttpResponseException. If you are developing for Android, and the Google API you want to use is included in the Google Play Services library, use the Google Play Services library for the best performance and experience. gson. NetHttpTransport" ); JsonFactory = createObject( " java", "com. Google API Client Utilities15 usages. HttpTransport, getTransport(). CONFIGだったら ログを出すとしている。 public HttpResponse execute() throws IOException { //省略 Logger logger = HttpTransport. HttpRequestFactory;. JacksonFactory; import com. bigquery. business. JsonFactory;; import com. GoogleTokenResponse; import com. Modifier and Type, Method and Description. HttpTransport;. http-client » google-http-client-jackson2 · 1. HttpResponseException$ Builder com. LOGGER; boolean loggable = loggingEnabled && logger. urlshortener. interceptResponse(AbstractGoogleClientRequest. Thread-safe light-weight HTTP request factory layer on top of the HTTP transport that has an optional HTTP request initializer for initializing requests. HttpTransport;; import com. api . com google api client http httptransport http. jar to app/libs. GsonFactory;. HttpResponse. Home Page: http://github. android. GsonFactory; import com. 26 Oct 2017 Android. webmasters. 0. VisionRequestInitializer; import com. HttpRequestFactory Thread-safe light-weight HTTP request factory layer on top of the HTTP transport that has an optional HTTP request initializer for initializing requests. AndroidHttp;. Go to Tools --> Android--> Sync project with Gradle files . vision. NetHttpTransport;; import com. JsonFactory" ); JacksonFactory All Methods Static Methods Concrete Methods Deprecated Methods. List; import com. Functionality that works on all supported Java platforms, including Java 5 (or higher) desktop (SE) and web (EE), Android, and Google App Engine. services. doublecloud. net package. HttpRequest. Due to a problem with Google libraries, pl. auth. HttpResponse;. We'll go through all these and a more complex example with an actual API that returns a com. shaded. model. Package com. singleton(" https://www. jackson. HttpTransport logger produces too much data. Author: Google Inc. If this is a problem for you, you can disable it with: ? import com. HttpParser. io. samples; import com